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I am heartbroken to hear of Robin Williams’ death. Heartbroken. He must have been so sad. It’s just not fair that someone who brought us all so much joy would have been so sad. He was a sensitive Pisces Moon and he took his own life when the Moon was in Pisces and we all feel the urge, a little more than usual, to escape from the harsh realities of life.

I have been researching suicide and overdoses and the connection with the Moon for some time and have seen that almost all of the celebrities that have passed away from suicide or drug overdose, have had their moons in a sensitive water sign or in direct aspect to Neptune. Michael Jackson, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Kurt Cobain, Alexander McQueen, Brittany Murphy, Heath Ledger and many others listed below had their Moons in a water sign.

The Moon represents our emotional nature, and the element of water is feeling based, causing their emotions, sensitivity, and intuition to be heightened. Cory Monteith, Amy Winehouse, Marilyn Monroe and River Phoenix did not have water Moon signs, but just as powerful, their Moons were in very strong aspect to the watery, sensitive planet Neptune, which rules drugs and escapism. This effect made them a lot like a Pisces moon, with an even stronger need for emotional escape.

Update: Add one more Pisces Moon to the list: Prince

so sad

Celebrities with water sign moons battling drug dependency and ending their lives from overdose or suicide:

Cancer Moons: Heath Ledger, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Moon, Janis Joplin, Dorothy Dandridge, Greg Giraldo

Scorpio Moons: Brittany Murphy, Nick Drake

Pisces Moons: Prince, Robin Williams, Michael Jackson, Corey Haim, Alexander McQueen, Elvis Presley, Chris Farley, John Bonham, Jean-Michel Basquiat,
Philip Seymour Hoffman

Neptune Conjunct Moon: Cory Monteith, Amy Winehouse, David Ruffin
Neptune Opposite Moon: Marilyn Monroe, River Phoenix


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Kate and her husband, Ned Rocknroll recently had a Sagittarian baby boy they have named Bear Winslet. He was born in Sussex on December 7th, 2013. Ned is Kate’s third husband and maybe third time’s a charm for her! She and her ex husband, director Sam Mendes weren’t that great of an astrological match, as Sam likely didn’t get the depths of Kate. She is a triple Libra with her Sun, Moon and Rising all in lovely Libra, but Pluto is conjunct those three!  This dramatically changes the qualities of sweet Libra, making them inseparable from deep, dark Pluto. Kate goes to the ultimate depths. She is the phoenix, constantly throwing herself into the fire and being reborn, and now she is being reborn again with her husband and baby.

Ned Rocknroll is the nephew of Richard Branson and works for his uncle’s space travel division, Virgin Galactic. He is a Capricorn and looks like a Libra moon (depends on birth time which I can’t find) just like her.  His Sun and Moon are also deeply involved with Pluto, so he isn’t afraid to go to the depths with her. Also, with Capricorn in her fourth house of her home, they likely are able to create a very cozy home together. Kate has Mars in Gemini, so she really falls for the Charmers, but we know she needs something deeper than that in the long run. The perfect match for this Miss Perfect  needs some real depth, but also a sharp, witty sense of humor to go along with it. It seems by Ned’s chosen last name of Rocknroll that he is the sarcastic type of Capricorn that doesn’t take himself too seriously. He seems like an excellent match for this deep and lovely lady.

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 Don’t say or do anything for a month…just kidding! Don’t listen to all the hype you hear about Mercury going retrograde. It seems like those who don’t know much about astrology love to spread the superstitious belief that everything will go wrong while this planet appears to move backwards from our perspective. My interpretation of this planet’s change of direction is that it’s simply a time to review all of the forward progress in the area of communication that we’ve made in the past few months. Maybe this is challenging for us because our culture values forward progress so much more than thoughtful reconsideration. This is really just the best time to do “re” things, like review, renew, renegotiate, redirect, redecorate, and so on.

Common complaints about Mercury retrograde are breakdowns of communication tools, (phones, computers, cars, etc…) and an extra dose of misunderstandings. But doesn’t this stuff happen all the time anyway? That said, I have seen Geminis, Virgos and Mercury dominant people really struggle with their communication tools more than usual when Mercury goes retrograde, as they are the communicators of the zodiac. There are a lot of complaints about this planet’s change of direction from all of the signs, but could it possibly be our own impatience that is getting in our way? Maybe it’s our need for immediate results, and our avoidance of having to redo anything, that makes this time especially difficult.

When Mercury goes retrograde it would be wise not to expect everything to go exactly as planned, and try to do some “re” things. If we follow the movement of the stars, we might be better prepared for whatever is coming towards us. After all, disaster comes from “dis” (against or away from), and “aster” (the stars). So, maybe we should be moving backwards with our thinking and communicating for a while, and reflecting on all that we have done.

Mercury’s apparent retrograde motion lasts for 3 weeks 3 – 4 times a year. Here are the dates for 2014:

February 6, 2014 1:43 PM PST  –  February 28, 2014 6 AM PST

June 7, 2014 4:56 AM PDT  –  July 1, 2014 5:50 AM PDT

October 4, 2014 10:02 AM PDT  –  October 25, 2014 12:16 PM PDT

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Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom got married in Big Sur on September 21st. They both have Mars in Libra, so he is her Prince Charming! They actually have quite a bit in common.  Both of them have been following their passion since they were kids, and both have kind of a wacky unique style!  Andy has been creating his sketch comedy and music parody videos with his friends from Junior High on, and Joanna has been playing the harp since age seven.

They also both have their Venus and Mars in air signs, so their relationship is solidly based on their friendship, their mental connection, and their romantic ideals. They probably love to talk to each other, and have plenty to talk about. Andy’s Venus and Mars are both in Libra, so he’s a Prince Charming who’s been looking for his Princess ,which obviously makes him quite a romantic. Joanna is a Love Scientist with her Venus in Aquarius, giving her that quirky artistic sense. She is actually quite a romantic too. In addition, they both have water moons, with his Moon in Pisces and hers in Scorpio, so they have a deep emotional connection, with understanding and empathy for each other. On the surface, his Sun in Leo and her Sun in Capricorn aren’t much of a match, but if you look a little deeper, you can see they’re perfect for each other. That’s why astrology is so much more than just your Sun sign!


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william and kate and george

Prince William is a Prince Charming! How perfect! Kate’s Mars is in Libra too, so has everything she was always looking for. Kate has definitely found her Prince Charming….literally. Their charts are so beautiful together. They both have their moons in sweet and sensitive Cancer, so they really feel each other’s feelings. Kate is a Love Scientist with her Venus in cool Aquarius, which works harmoniously with William’s Mars in Libra, making for easy chemistry and compatibility.

Kate is actually very similar astrologically to Princess Diana with her nurturing Cancer gentleness, in combination with a little cool, quirky, humanitarian Aquarius. Princess Diana was a Cancer with an Aquarius Moon, and Kate is a Cancer Moon with her Venus in Aquarius. Prince William has his Sun and Moon in Cancer both in his 7th house, so he really looks for a partner like his Mother. Well, he has definitely found her!  Their only minor difficulty could be a bit of possessiveness  from his Venus in Taurus, so hopefully he won’t treat this smart Love Scientist like his personal property, and will be able to give her the freedom she needs. Having the same Moon should help them deal with any issues, because of the innate empathy and understanding they have for each other.

What a beautiful family. William and Kate have so much in common, he was born at the new moon in Cancer, and she at the full moon in Cancer. When you couple their innate emotional understanding with the magnetism and feeling of completion with their opposing Suns, it’s such a perfect match! And with their baby George it gets even more astonishing! He was born just after the Full Moon in Capricorn with his Sun in Cancer! He has his Dad’s Sun and the opposite Moon of both parents, adding even more completion to this brilliant couple. You often see common signs passed down through family lines, but this is just amazing. These three are so similar and such complementary opposites as well. It’s quite beautiful.

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Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz Attend Goya Awards 2010

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem welcomed their baby girl, Luna into their family on July 22nd, 2013. This beautiful couple married in 2010 and had their first baby, Leonardo on January 22nd, 2011. Their little Aquarius boy now has a sister of the opposite to balance him out, a little Leo girl.  Penelope is a Miss Dreamy, with her Venus in Pisces, and it seems Javier has really swept her away. She also has her Moon, Mars and Rising in sensitive Cancer. She is a sensitive one! Good thing she has her Taurus Sun to keep her grounded. With her Mars in Cancer, she’s looking for a Mr. Sweetheart and Javier has a bit of that softness in him too with his Pisces Sun. He may also have his Moon in sensitive Cancer, but he’s right on the cusp and we need his birth time to know for sure! So, lets hope he has a Cancer Moon just like his sweetie and they speak the same emotional language. Her Venus in Pisces is squaring his Mars in Sagittarius, which means their needs may be different, but the passion is very high!

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Louis C.K. is hilarious! Virgos can get quite a bad rap for being anal, nit-picky and boring, but they can actually have the most incredible sense of humor. I think that the yin signs (earth and water) are the funniest of the zodiac. Their humor comes directly from the depths of their hardships, their difficult life challenges and painful experiences. Earth and water are yin, negative, feminine signs that naturally move inward, as opposed to fire and air (yang, positive, masculine) that express themselves outwardly. A fire and air type comedian might dance around and put on quite a show with their wit and mental acrobatics (Russel Brand, Eddie Izzard, Chris Rock, Ellen DeGeneres), but the earth or water sign comedian has a completely different style that often journeys into the dark side. Those with dominant yin signs in their chart may have a harder time in life due to their sensitive and receptive nature, which makes them emotionally vulnerable. That sensitivity can take them in one of two opposing directions; they can take themselves very seriously, or they can laugh at themselves, and make fun of their own neuroses (and everyone else’s). Mel Gibson and Dr. Phil are two double earth signs who chose to take the serious route.

Earth and Water Dominant Comedians:
The majority of  the comedians on this list have a double yin Sun and Moon combo, except for quite a few silly Gemini Moons being the exceptions….but they do have yin Sun signs

  • Louis C.K. – Virgo Sun, Capriorn Moon
  • Bill Murray – Virgo Sun, Capricorn Moon
  • Ricky Gervais – Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon
  • Robin Williams – Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon
  • Will Ferrell – Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon
  • Larry David – Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon
  • Jerry Seinfeld – Taurus Sun, Pisces Moon
  • Molly Shannon – Virgo Sun, Capricorn Moon
  • Wanda Sykes – Pisces Sun, Capricorn Moon
  • Whitney Cummings – Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon
  • Jimmy Fallon – Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon
  • Craig Fergusen – Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon
  • George Carlin – Taurus Sun, Gemini Moon
  • Kathy Griffin – Scorpio Sun, Gemini Moon
  • Stephen Colbert – Taurus Sun, Gemini Moon
  • Jim Carrey –  Capricorn Sun, Gemini Moon
  • Gilda Radner – Cancer Sun, Gemini Moon
  • Kristen Wiig – Virgo Sun, Gemini Moon
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These are the cutest Stallions ever! They both have Mars in Sagittarius, which means their physical energy is on the exact same level. You can even see by the way Portia is leaning into Ellen that they are totally physically aligned. They both have that adorably relaxed Stallion style, like they’re ready for any adventure that could head their way! Having the same Mars is incredible for attraction, especially in a same sex relationship. They are each other’s ideal partner. They both love how the other is strong and forceful, yet fun and playful at the same time.

That’s not all these two have in common. They both also have Sagittarius Rising, Aquarius Suns, and fire Moon signs too! Portia’s Sagittarius Moon really understands Ellen’s Aries Moon. They speak a similar emotional language. They know how to make each other feel comfortable, safe and listened to. What a perfect match these two are!

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True Blood made true love! Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer tried to hide their relationship from their co-workers, but show creator Alan Ball said he knew after the second episode. You just can’t hide this kind of chemistry! Anna is a Hottie with her Venus in Cancer who is looking for her Prince Charming because of her Mars in Libra. It seems she has found him! Stephen is so charming with his Sun AND Moon in Libra! With his Venus in Virgo, his dream woman is a Miss Perfect, and with Anna’s Virgo Moon, she has everything he is looking for! Her Virgo Moon keeps her down to earth and practical, and this is what he adores about her. On top of being each other’s ideal mate, they have the ultimate physical chemistry combination! When the woman’s Mars is opposite the man’s Venus there is  irresistible magnetic attraction. Anna’s Hottie Venus in Cancer is opposite Stephen’s Kingly Capricorn Mars, which gives these two intense physical attraction!  They are absolutely perfect together, onscreen and off!

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justin timberlake and jessica biel

These two have the best romantic aspect for compatibility. With her Venus in Aquarius, she’s looking for her best friend in her partner and with his Mars in Aquarius he needs the freedom only a best friend can provide. This aspect is wonderful for friendship, romance, physical chemistry and general compatibility. They have the same approach and needs from relationships in general. They also have opposite Moons, his in Sagittarius and hers in Gemini, so they really get each other emotionally. They speak the same emotional language. they both are a little wacky and crazy and they can really go there together.

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brad pitt and angelina jolie

Angelina and Brad have the most powerful match for magnetic attraction in astrology; her Venus in Cancer opposing his Mars in Capricorn. This creates an undeniable pull towards each other and intense physical chemistry. They have quite a lot of oppositions in their charts. Brad’s Sagittarius Sun is opposite Angelina’s in Gemini, the two travellers of the zodiac. He’s looking at the big picture and she’s looking at the details and talking up a storm.

These two also have Venus in opposite signs. With Brad’s Venus in Capricorn he is looking for his Queen, a strong woman who has it all together and her Venus in Cancer provides that strength, but through her nurturing, through being a great Mother. He will be ever impressed by her maternal gifts. She isn’t the typical Venus in Cancer though because she has a very strong aspect from Uranus to Venus which creates a deep need for freedom and autonomy. Venus in Cancer really needs security, but she also wants all her freedom in the package of a traditional relationship. Angelina certainly is a force to be reckoned with. Her Aries Moon makes her strong and fierce and Brad’s Moon is in equally strong in Capricorn. These two signs are squaring each other which creates emotional passion and sometimes discord, but as long as Brad gives her lots of personal space and doesn’t ever try to control her they will be a happy travelling family.