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Spring has Sprung!

Posted By Jemila on March 25th, 2010

This Spring isn’t the usual explosion of wild, new excitement that it generally is, as serious Saturn is opposing the enthusiastic Sun in Aries right now. Realistic Saturn is demanding that our adventurous new beginnings be a little slower and steadier. If you’re the impatient type this could feel like a major wet blanket, but if we can be a little patient, it’s a great opportunity to create new beginnings with a very solid base.

The full moon is in Libra next Monday night (March 29th at 7:25 pm PST), and its square to Pluto could bring our heaviest relationship issues to a head. Instead of getting all wrapped up in power trips, we can use this intense full moon to transform, and work out our issues with the ones we love, so we can love even deeper.

Wednesday morning Venus moves into sensual Taurus and it’s time to enjoy all of life’s earthly pleasures, to truly appreciate the beauty around us, and maybe be a little luxurious. It’s also a time to take care of the things we value, like washing your car, shining your jewelry, or simply enjoying a quiet moment watching the steam rise off of a fragrant cup of tea. We are appreciating quality now and not quantity. Look for how you can create a little more beauty in your life in the coming weeks. (Read Miss Luxury as she is our guide in love from next Wednesday, March 31st until April 24th.)

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Horoscopes for March 25-April 1st

Posted By Jemila on March 25th, 2010


You or them, you or them? How about both? You’re a super hero anyway, so use your super powers to do both! It’s really all about your career right now, and you are making some huge breakthroughs and transformations about the way you’re seen in the world. Try to make sure that in all your enthusiasm for changing your world, that you aren’t stepping on the people around you. Your personal relationships are an integral part of your career changes right now. Your patience is really being tested right now, you might feel like everywhere you turn, someone is telling you to sit down and wait. So, instead of fighting against them (which you are so good at), try waiting, and let your new beginnings form on the inside. Turn your brain towards some creative visualization and picture exactly how you want to be seen in the world….and soon enough it will be! And Happy Birthday!


Are you ready to get even more beautiful Taurus? Next Wednesday when Venus moves into your sign you will be absolutely glowing for most of April! Everyone will stare a little longer, and they won’t know why they are just inexplicably drawn to you. It’s your time Taurus! It may not seem like that yet, (and it won’t until next Wednesday), especially as you have been absorbed in a very introspective time for the past month. Pay extra attention to your dreams as you are doing your hardest work there right now. On Monday’s Full Moon you may want to spend as much time alone as you can, and make sure you get lots of sleep, so you are ready to be the center of attention for April. Wednesday morning put on your favorite outfit and get ready to be showered with adoration (at 10:35 am PST to be exact)…as you well deserve!


It’s all about your friends and family right now. Call or visit everyone you love you little talker, because April’s all about some much needed quiet, inner reflection for your overactive mind. What’s that you say? If you can’t even imagine yourself doing that, just get a stack of good books for the month of April. So, for the rest of March just let yourself be the social butterfly you are, and have a great time! This Full Moon should bring some extra lively and fun social times, although watch out for petty arguments with male figures. Maybe try to make it more like fun and witty banter with those guys, and make sure it doesn’t escalate. Keep it in the fun zone Gemini. That shouldn’t be too hard for you to do!


Work has been your focus since the first day of Spring, and it’s been time to push yourself out of your shell, and show the world your true essence. You’re asking yourself, “how do I want to be seen in the world”, and most importantly, “what can I do to embody the qualities that I aspire to”? On this Monday night’s Full Moon you may really just want to be cozy at home, but something or someone may be forcing you to process through something emotionally, some hurt from the past. Try to face it head on so you can move forward into this transformed vision of yourself. Next Wednesday when Venus goes into Taurus, you can enjoy some fun, social time with your friends. You’ve been working hard Cancer, good job! Make sure you appreciate your efforts too!


What new ideas and visions for the future are you working out in your mind right now Leo? You don’t need to share them with anyone yet, keep learning, dreaming and building your new vision in your mind, and you will be able to implement these new ideas soon. On Mondays’ Full Moon, you may want to watch out for some kind of resistance or battle from someone in your work. Try to be as much of a peacemaker as you can, and don’t get into any power struggles. Unless of course it is something ethically unacceptable, in which case you should pick up your heroic Leo sword and stand your ground! Next Wednesday when Venus goes into Taurus you may find your relationships feeling very fiery, you may want to work out that issue in the bedroom instead of with words, and you need to be the instigator!


Have you been falling deeper and deeper in love with your partner, or have you just been discovering more and more emotional junk that person is carrying around that you just don’t want to deal with? Are you longing for a partner to meet you at a soul level? Have you considered getting some kind of therapy to work through your emotional baggage? You have been asking a lot of questions this past month, which can be so exhausting, but don’t worry, April will bring you a whole new mental landscape. New ideas, and visions for your future will be absorbing all of your hard working brain power. Monday’s Full Moon may have you craving a love to get lost in, but you may want to deal with a few financial issues before you settle in for some cuddles.


Are you tired of your relationships going through the ringer Libra? I don’t blame you! It’s like your life has been one long therapy session for the past few weeks. For you September Libras, it hasn’t just been the past few weeks, but since the end of last year! Read my post on The War of Saturn and Pluto for some more insight into your current internal struggle. Your love life will be getting more fiery in the next few days, just try to watch out for petty arguments. If you feel a tension underneath, bring it out into the open and don’ t let it leak out in a toxic way. There’s only one way to really get rid of it, and that’s facing it head on. Good luck, and be gentle with yourself sweet one.


Has it felt like a battle to get through the day with some rhythm and steadiness? Since the first day of spring your focus has been on your work and health and getting into a steady routine with both of them. With the Sun’s Square to Pluto you are being asked, not so gently, to work through any blocks you may have had about creating that rhythm that you want in your life. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to push it too hard as you will have some major assistance towards a new, healthy routine with April 14th’s New Moon. Monday’s Full Moon may have you feeling a bit introspective, but Pluto may pull you out of your cave, willingly or not, and demand that you work out any unresolved relationship issues. Wednesday morning Venus will enter the sensual sign of Taurus and the opposite sex may be especially flirty with you, which will light up your fire as it squares Mars. The best place to focus this level of passion might just be in the bedroom!


It’s time to get out of the house Sagittarius! You’re still expanding and building new projects on the home front, but it’s time to take those ideas off the drawing board, bounce them off of your friends and family, and have fun with them! The first day of spring starts with a boost of creative fire with the Sun’s trine to Mars telling you to push forward, but slowly. New creative ideas are forming, and it takes time to build a structure that will support them. You may feel impatient, but you want your projects to be more solid anyway, so remember it will be better in the long run. The Full Moon on Monday will bring a bit of closure to your recent home or career projects, but there may be a few financial issues to work through first for that to happen. You’ve got to finish this work up over the weekend to make room for romance next week!


Have you been feeling like your work and home life have been pulling you in different directions? It may feel like that, but these forces are actually trying to work together. By Monday night’s Full Moon you should start feeling that your loved ones and all the work that you have done at home, willingly or not, has actually created a stronger support system for you, enabling you to work even harder towards your career goals. You are building the roots now for the career changes that you want, but you may not see your hard work come to fruition until late September. Try to get a big chunk of your work done before next Wednesday night, so you will be freed up for some playful romance!


It’s all about connections, networking and multitasking for you right now. How much can you get done at once? Now is the time to make that call, take that business trip, or maybe even start studying something new. Monday’s Full Moon may have you focusing on the big picture so much that you get a bit carried away and unrealistic about your limits, so try to stay grounded and work with what’s right in front of you. Next Wednesday Venus may have you thinking about how you want to beautify your home, and might bring a little feisty activity to your relationships. You may have been feeling like you’re getting a lot of aggressive opposition from your partner lately, but they are really just helping you motivate to make the changes that you want in your life.


How can you make more money Pisces? I know you’ve been thinking about it too, and since the first day of Spring you have had it on your mind even more. You don’t need to know exactly how it’s going to manifest at this point, but start gearing up for June, when you will want to start putting your plans into action and the money will start flowing in. Don’t worry that you’re too focused on the material these days, it’s good for you to ground out in the mundane realities for a bit, to give yourself a solid anchor that will allow you roam freely in the watery depths that are your true home. Along with this focus on your finances, getting into a good rhythm and routine with your new health regimen will help ground you out. Monday’s Full Moon may make you crave intimacy, and you may find yourself deepening into your commitment to your relationship or your loved ones.