Bill and Sookie in True Love

Posted By Jemila on July 10th, 2013

True Blood made true love! Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer tried to hide their relationship from their co-workers, but show creator Alan Ball said he knew after the second episode. You just can’t hide this kind of chemistry! Anna is a Hottie with her Venus in Cancer who is looking for her Prince Charming because of her Mars in Libra. It seems she has found him! Stephen is so charming with his Sun AND Moon in Libra! With his Venus in Virgo, his dream woman is a Miss Perfect, and with Anna’s Virgo Moon, she has everything he is looking for! Her Virgo Moon keeps her down to earth and practical, and this is what he adores about her. On top of being each other’s ideal mate, they have the ultimate physical chemistry combination! When the woman’s Mars is opposite the man’s Venus there is  irresistible magnetic attraction. Anna’s Hottie Venus in Cancer is opposite Stephen’s Kingly Capricorn Mars, which gives these two intense physical attraction!  They are absolutely perfect together, onscreen and off!

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