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Horoscopes for April 2nd-April 8th

Posted By Jemila on April 2nd, 2010


Are you feeling change knocking at your door? It is, but it won’t really be ready to charge in until the end of May. I just wanted to give you a heads up Aries, as I know you love looking ahead. When change breaks down your door, your concept of yourself will do a complete 180! You will be leading the change parade, Aries!  For now, let’s get back to the mundane daily tasks ahead of you. With the square of Venus and Mars this weekend, you may feel like you have new energy and ideas galore, and you’re ready to go out and change the world, but your partner or friends are demanding that you balance your checkbook or take out the trash, or some such practical thing. You can fight them all you want, and you likely will a little, but if you do, you will be wasting your time, and distracting yourself from your new inspired visions.


Well, we all know you’re looking absolutely beautiful these days Taurus, and hopefully you’re being appreciated more than ever as well.  Look out for struggles this weekend, as Mars will be roaring around in your home being loud and selfish. Don’t try to convince whoever is making this scene in your lovely home that what they are doing is quite disturbing to you.  Instead, find subtle ways to make peace.  Use the smile and nod technique. If you just can’t swallow the issue enough to do that, try taking a walk or visiting some beautiful peaceful place of refuge. Are your intentions love or domination? You may be playing a role in this display of egos. Please beware, and be aware, and try to bring beauty with you always… especially in the face of ugliness.


Get ready for an inward journey in this coming month. It’s time for some quiet, inner reflection on what’s truly important to you. Think about what you can let go of. Are your possessions helping you or trapping you? Your relationships may feel strained this weekend as you will be pulled towards this introspective space, but at the same time, someone may be jolting you out of your meditations. It may feel like everyone is trying to pick a fight with you….or could it be  that you that are pushing your own agenda on them? Use these conflicts to start the transformation that is necessary. After the heated weekend, try to find some quiet time,and be sure to allow more time for sleep, as that is where you will be doing most of your work for a little while.


It’s relationship week for you Cancer, but before you start taking care of anyone else, you may want to try to focus some time this weekend on your work, your health, and how you can be more organized. Try to be a little selfish, and don’t let anyone talk you into spending money or time in ways non-essential to your needs. Relationships can be touchy, so it may be best to avoid confrontations wherever possible… especially about money. Wait until next week. This month is still all about putting yourself out there in the world, so muster up all your courage and be the person you’ve always wanted to be! A major career shift is coming up for you in June, so get ready. Change and opportunity are right around the corner!


This weekend will be a great time for you to relax and enjoy a little vacation. I hope you can take some time off to escape. How about a little getaway? Monday,when back at work, you will be wanting a harmonious and cooperative environment, but for some inexplicable reason you can’t help charging ahead on your own like a bull in a China shop. Don’t get too carried away with needing it all to get done your way. Wednesday morning Saturn turns around, and you may feel financial pressures on you once again. This is a big cycle that has been looming over your checkbook for the past several years.  You probably thought it was behind you sometime around last December, but I’m sorry to say that it’s back.  Fortunately, this time it’s just for a quick visit. Don’t worry, this phase will be over near the end of July, when you can spend to your big generous heart’s content.


It’s time for some travel Virgo! It could be a trip, a class, or a new study. Your mind is ready to expand, and the universe is ready to throw some new information your way! It may not all happen this weekend, as relationships are going to take some of your focus.  A subtle force may be asking you to delve into your subconscious to work on some issues with your loved ones. It’s all about deepening into your commitments right now. How can you work together with more synchronicity? Try to speak slowly and with focused consciousness to avoid any arguments over the weekend. So, where are you headed Virgo?…will it be a mental journey or a geographical one?  However it manifests, a new adventure awaits you!


Well, Libra, the Venus and Mars square will surely affect you this weekend. You may feel that you’re ready to merge completely with your partner, and they may assert some forceful opposition that just doesn’t align with the vision you have of your future together. Are they on a different planet right now? Definitely… they are on Mars! Try not to get caught up in the fight. Use your ability to merge right now, and put yourself in your loved ones shoes. Remember that Venus only wins when she conquers with love, and can manage to avoid getting caught up in the battles that Mars initiates. Use your charms to soothe your upset partner or friends, and please forgive them if they reject your olive branch!


Love is in the air for you Scorpio….but it looks like war could be also. Which one will it be? Are you going to push forward with your new career goals and work 14hr days, or will you spend as much time as you possibly can with your friends and/or loved ones? How about a balance? You say that’s not the Scorpio way? Well, if you aren’t able to find a balance, you might come up against some struggles in your relationships. I know you’ve been working very hard to get into a good daily rhythm during the past few weeks, so technically, a good balance could be to put your focus on your friends and loved ones this weekend. What are they needing from you? Try to really listen, and put an extra dose of sweetness into your responses. It could be very challenging, but also very rewarding for you.


This weekend the moon enters your fiery home sign of Sagittarius, and it’s time to act, not think…just take action!   You may be in a rambunctious mood, and if you don’t hesitate, but just move forward, you could have the ability to get a lot of creative work done.  On the other hand, it could just be a good day to have fun with friends and family, and take a real day off.   Relationships will begin to take on a different tone, and your time with loved ones may feel a bit heavy and filled with obligations, but this could be a time to be of service to those who are important to you.   Only a few months are left to complete the quest you have been on to create an emotionally comforting and organized home space, so make the best of this opportunity.


It might be best for you to use the feisty Venus Mars square this weekend for some hot sex!…either that, or a really deep therapy session. Both would be even better! This weekend it’s all about your relationships. Next Wednesday your new changes around work may feel like they’re being put on hold, and they will be until the end of June. You may feel ready to move ahead with your new career plan, but there is more preparation to be done to ensure your readiness.  It could be extended training, or just more i’s to be dotted and t’s to be crossed. Near the end of July you will be starting on a two year period of establishing a solid foundation professionally. So… until then, make sure you have finished laying all the necessary groundwork.


You’re still busy with those millions of calls and errands, and you’re doing a great job with this juggling act. The weekend should feel exciting and activating for you, although you still have a subtle opposition coming from almost everyone. I think you’ll just need to use your quick thinking, multitasking abilities to soothe your upset partner or friends. Bring beauty into your home…tidy up, buy flowers and colorful foods. These small gestures can make those relationship difficulties melt away. Saturn is returning next Wednesday, overseeing your financial picture once more, with it’s gloomy raincloud perspective.  Don’t worry, this will only last until the end of June, when Saturn will gently try to rein in your wanderings, instead of having its nose in your pocketbook.


You may have a lot of energy this weekend to devote to creating the smooth running ship that you can sail away in later. Your relationships might feel like they’re getting in the way of the work you know needs to get done. Your friends or lovers may be asking too much of you at this time, and clear communication about your priority focus could be problematic. Don’t feel like you need to resolve all your relationship issues right now. This is a time for you to focus on work. If your loved ones aren’t able to understand this, try to make a later date with them. Hold your ground Pisces, and ask for what you need. You are the one who knows what you need to be doing with your time and energy.