Horoscopes for April 16th-22nd

Posted By Jemila on April 16th, 2010


Hi, new version of yourself, Aries! I hope you sufficiently changed your identity, and I hope it’s one you really like! Now you can take that new you and get really grounded in it! This month is all about the basics. Take a look at the state of your resources. It’s time to get practical, and bring your basic survival skills up a notch. What additional resources will you need to better take care of this new you?


Next Tuesday is the start of your month Taurus, as the Sun moves into your home sign! Catch up on your sleep this weekend so you will be ready to jump in and be “on” next week! Everyone will be looking to you for direction, so get ready! Venus will be in your sign for another week, so I hope you’re doing as much as you can to make your life more beautiful. Purchase or do something extra special for yourself that will make you feel like a true paragon of beauty this week. Think of it as an early birthday present!


Try to think, talk, and move more slowly…and you need to get as much sleep as possible! If it were possible, I’d say you need to spend the whole month in bed! I’m sure you wish you could! Well, smartypants Gemini, think of as many crafty ways to get as much quiet time and sleep as you can, and try to remember your dreams. You are doing a lot of work in your sleep right now, so don’t be surprised if you wake up slightly exhausted; there’s nothing wrong with you. Read the Mercury Retrograde post above a few times….and slowly.


Your responsibilities and work have been the center of your attention for a while now, and I hope you aren’t too exhausted from it all. You may want to spend the weekend getting some quiet time to yourself, and next week you should feel a shift to a much lighter load. Look to your friends and family for support, they love you and want to help you, you just have to tell them what you need.


I hope you’re ready to be in the spotlight, (but then again, when is a Leo not ready to be in the spotlight)? Well, the time has come to bring your recent plans out into the light and into your professional life. Whatever ideas you have been cultivating concerning your work life, next week is the time to realize them! This month is going to be focused on work, so say goodbye to your cozy home for just a bit, because you might not see that much of it. This is your month to get a major chunk of work accomplished!


You have been on your way out of the depths and into a new way of thinking for a few weeks now, but Tuesday will signify your ascent into the higher realms. Maybe a trip of some kind is on the horizon for you, but make sure you aren’t too hasty or stubborn about your plans. Be open and flexible about how any plans might unfold or evolve. Whether you’re leaving your present space geographically or otherwise, you’re going somewhere, so be open to Mercury’s backward direction.


You’re going deeper, Libra, into yourself, into your relationships,and into the depths of humanity’s psyche. Why do we all do what we do? Maybe you could figure that mystery out this month, and let me know what your insights are. Make sure to take care of yourself during this time, by getting whatever kind of therapy you might need to pull those dark shadows out into the light. You might find it’s easier to do this very consciously and deliberately, rather than inadvertently dragging excess baggage into your relationships.


I hope you were able to make those little changes in your daily life, Scorpio. If you haven’t yet, you still have the weekend, so get focused and do it! Now’s the time, because next week your life is going to fill up with people, and you will need a steady and healthy routine to help you stay grounded in the face of the unexpected onslaught. The Scorpion is coming out of the cave! Put on your people friendly mask, oh anti-social one, because you will have an opportunity to meet some interesting new folks, or spend some quality time with your friends and loved ones.


It’s time to get healthy Sagittarius! This is the month for you to really establish a new rhythm of taking care of yourself, and staying on top of all the little details in each day so you your life will run more smoothly. How very un-Sagittarius, you say? I know! But it may just be the little things in your daily life that are keeping your high flying ideas stuck on the ground. It’s time to get grounded so you can aim even higher!


I hope your home projects are well on their way and you are ready to have some fun! Next week will be a great time to relax and enjoy some time with your family and friends. Make plans to do your favorite things this month, or maybe you want to focus on bringing more creativity into your life. This is the time to do it! I hope you can enjoy some leisure time hardworking Capricorn!


It’s all about your home now, Aquarius. All of your communication work is going to be put on the shelf for a bit, and you’ll need to slow down and simply be at home. What is working in your home, and what isn’t? This will be the month to really spend some energy on your home, as you are building the foundation now for the coming year. Don’t think of this as wasted time. This effort will truly support you later in the year. It’s time to put down some solid roots, Aquarius.


I hope you can have a really dreamy romantic weekend, Pisces. You deserve it…you have been working very hard! After all the recent focus on the mundane, it’s now time to have some fun. It will be all about communication for a while now, for you, as you’re filled with new ideas. You’ll be meeting new people, and may be a little more social than usual. You may want to pay extra attention to the Mercury retrograde post above, as your focus will be in this realm for a month or so. You don’t need to worry about any outcomes right now, Pisces. This is the time to put your communication feelers out, and just start talking to people.

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