Horoscopes for April 9th-15th

Posted By Jemila on April 8th, 2010


Who do you want to be, Aries? Now is your opportunity to don a new identity! Think about it, visualize it, and then Wednesday morning….become it! Wednesday would be a great day to get a new hairstyle or mini makeover of some kind. Do something to mark the beginnings of your new persona. Be bold Aries, as we all know you can, and become the person that you truly wish to be!


I must say, you’re still looking quite lovely Taurus. I know you may not feel it quite yet, but by April 20th it will definitely be more evident to you. You’ve been drifting around in dreamland for a little while, but you’re about to step into the sunlight, so it’s time to get ready! Next Wednesday is everyone’s new beginning, but your beginning is more of an ending. It’s time to finish all those projects, and tie up all those loose ends, even the ones in your subconscious. Your mind is due for a spring cleaning!


You’re creating a new community right now Gemini. What do you want your network of friends to be like? How can they best support you? You may be going into hiding a bit until the beginning of June. You’re just slowing down and going inward for a while…something you probably really need! Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your mind will get quieter; it might get louder for you! This will be a time for you to mentally sort things out so you can move forward with a bold new beginning in June. Make sure you get lots of sleep!


It’s time to start those new projects, get that job, and present yourself in the world in the brave new way that you have been ruminating about. Don’t stay at home this week Cancer! You’re laying the groundwork now in your professional life for the entire coming year. What changes do you want to make in your work world? How would you like to be seen? Think about it now, and Wednesday, be it! You can do it Cancer!


Your new beginning is mentally gestating. I know that might not be entirely clear, but you’re still working on your vision for something new coming up in yourprofessional life beginning April 20th. This is your prep time. Are you ready? What remains to be completed before you are totally prepared to make this shift in your career? Who do you want to be in the world?


Therapy of any kind would be helpful for you right now Virgo. Next Wednesday there is a new beginning for you in the very depths of your psyche, so turn inward and be a detective of self discovery. You are really deepening into your commitments, but try not to get completely lost in your relationships. Let your relationships be mutually healing, not obsessive.


It’s a new beginning for your relationships, Libra, but make sure you don’t give too much of yourself away this week.  How can you create more togetherness with more autonomy? I don’t know…but that would be a good one to try and pull off! Observe your relationships…what do you like, and what isn’t working for you? Visualize your relationships being just how you want them, and Wednesday morning, embody your visions!


It’s time for your new health routine to really begin Scorpio! Whatever you have been thinking of doing for your health, on Wednesday morning, do it! Don’t be too hard on yourself about it, just make the changes that you can, and be sweet to yourself about the ones that are currently just too difficult to master. Making this change will allow your life to run more smoothly in many ways that have recently been troubling you. Be grounded, realistic, and don’t try to fit too much into each day. Simplify, Scorpio!


It’s a new beginning for your creativity this week Sagittarius! Plant the seeds now for how you want to creatively express yourself in the coming year. How can you have more fun manifesting your creative vision? How can you include your friends and family in this new form of expression? Your relationships may feel like a duty or obligation for the next few weeks, but there surely is a way that helping them can help you as well. What can you co-create?


Your new beginning is in your home Capricorn. Maybe it’s a good week for a thorough spring cleaning. I know you want to forge ahead, but with your ruling planet Saturn moving backwards into Virgo, it’s time to make sure that you are truly prepared to move forward. Getting grounded in your home is actually an important career move for you. You are creating a solid foundation now that will support you later. How can everything run more smoothly at home?


Your new beginnings are all about your new work contacts, your new friends, and all your new ideas! Right now your brain is overflowing, Aquarius, and you really need to plan out how you can realistically make it all come together. Next Wednesday, try initiating a new method of communication. I know you want to be able to multitask more than ever because there is so much you want to accomplish, but you could get your best results by focusing on one thing at a time!


I know you have been thinking about money, and how you can make more of it, for a while now Pisces. Next Wednesday is the time to put those thoughts into action, and plant the seeds of your personal money tree. It’s time to get grounded, set your priorities, and ask for what you deserve. Clean your house, balance your schedule, and take charge! You’re laying the financial groundwork for the year ahead. Down the road, you will deeply appreciate having done this crucial work.

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