Spring has Sprung!

Posted By Jemila on March 25th, 2010

This Spring isn’t the usual explosion of wild, new excitement that it generally is, as serious Saturn is opposing the enthusiastic Sun in Aries right now. Realistic Saturn is demanding that our adventurous new beginnings be a little slower and steadier. If you’re the impatient type this could feel like a major wet blanket, but if we can be a little patient, it’s a great opportunity to create new beginnings with a very solid base.

The full moon is in Libra next Monday night (March 29th at 7:25 pm PST), and its square to Pluto could bring our heaviest relationship issues to a head. Instead of getting all wrapped up in power trips, we can use this intense full moon to transform, and work out our issues with the ones we love, so we can love even deeper.

Wednesday morning Venus moves into sensual Taurus and it’s time to enjoy all of life’s earthly pleasures, to truly appreciate the beauty around us, and maybe be a little luxurious. It’s also a time to take care of the things we value, like washing your car, shining your jewelry, or simply enjoying a quiet moment watching the steam rise off of a fragrant cup of tea. We are appreciating quality now and not quantity. Look for how you can create a little more beauty in your life in the coming weeks. (Read Miss Luxury as she is our guide in love from next Wednesday, March 31st until April 24th.)

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